A basket blogger at the gates of heaven

What do you mean I don’t get in? Didn’t you see all the work I did?

All the Breaking News? All the Hot Takes? All the possibilities I talked about?

What about all my clickbait? I had so many hits! Does that mean nothing in heaven?!

When there was a trade, I said it wouldn’t work and listed 50 Reasons Why

And when there wasn’t a trade, I gave 100 Reasons Why there would be one!


I gave you previews and reviews and pre-season and post-season and mid-season

I gave you grades for every thing, large or small.

Where there was a word count I beat it, Where there was a writing opportunity to take, I took it

I joined network after network, from Bleacher Report to Fansided to SBNation and back again

I used message board after message board, I followed all the right people on Twitter

My SEO was flawless, my keywords were vast and varied, every possible term was searchable

All of my tags were topical

I blogged through hail, sleet, snow, weddings, births, deaths

I’ve seen entire memes risen and fallen in a single week

I’ve followed and unfollowed every player in the NBA twice

I’ve been bombaraded by WojBombs and lived to see another day.


Do You


There’s No Room For Me?

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